DaffyBoards SurfShape Set

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Our Daily Surf Edition is perfect for the landlocked surfers, staying home and training for the next surf trip.

The Board is shaped like the surf fish. A must have for all surfers and those who wanna start surfing.

This board of cause is without stops on the underside!

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The Daffy Board is high-quality produced balance board for sports and leisure. It is handcrafted and made with birch wood. The special coating is giving you extra grip and protecting the design.

Workout with the balance board is good for your coordination, balance and rarely used muscles. The board is made for professional sports and workout, but also fun sessions in- and outdoor.

The Mat is giving the roll the perfect grip and as well protecting the floor. It is also practical for outdoor sessions.

• Boardsize 750x295mm
• Approved to 130kg

- Use at own risk -

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