Daffy Board - Balance Board
Why should you have a DaffyBoard?

The balance-trainer DaffyBoard is helping you improving your balance and fitness, not only for your home training as well for your next surf- or snowboard, wake- or kitesurf trip. With the DaffyBoard you are using muscles like with no other exercise tool. Stretch your legs to train your abdominal muscles or bend your knees and stabilize your whole body.

Where can you use it?

In principle anywhere you have a tough underground. Doesn't matter if in- or outside. Try and use it where ever you want! Our protection mat is made for inside as well as outside and you can place it on the ground even in the park or on the sidewalk. It is easy to clean when it gets dirty cause of the high quality of material composition (Water resistant). It is protecting the roll and board to not get damaged.

How can I start with the DaffyBoard?

It's easy: Buy a DaffyBoard, try to stay on it and have fun :) No joke, it is not as difficult as it looks like! From the first moment your muscles are trying to balance the instable Board. You don't have to be a pro athlete for this. You just have to try! We do have tutorials for you on YouTube. There you can see how to start and how to do your first tricks.

When can you use it?

Always and everywhere!

Who can do it?

Everybody who is fit and want to become fit! Everybody who is open for sports, new exercise and moves! Even when you are watching TV or calling someone!

Using our Board ist giving you more balance and a better body feeling.